EZ Equine Animal Bedding OUT-PERFORMS Other Animal Bedding

The original stall bedding, straw is not very absorbent and requires removal of manure several times a day. Use of straw can often lead to strong ammonia odors and the bacterium associated with ammonia build-up is dangerous to animals. In addition, straw is very dusty. Straw must be stored indoors and requires a lot of space. It does not break down well in the compost pile, requiring many months to even begin decomposing. The end result has little nutritional value for plants.

  • Softwood shavings are the most common type of bedding used today. However, they contain large amounts of tannin, resins and lignin. This impure product can be harmful to animals. In addition, their break up in the compost pile is abysmal. A pile can get hot enough to break down some of the parasites and pathogens present in manure, but the final product retains a shaving-like texture for years. The resulting compost has no ability to fix nitrogen and very little value to plants.
  • Cedar shavings have a pleasant aroma and look, but they are even more exceedingly resilient in a compost pile than softwood shavings. Also, cedar contains antibacterial properties that adversely impact the composting process.
  • Hardwood sawdust is often quite dusty because it is made up of very fine shavings or chips. While hardwood sawdust is more compostable because of the lack of tannin, resins and lignin, it is almost impossible to find and very expensive. It is only available delivered in bulk loads.
Shredded newsprint
Newsprint is only moderately absorbent but makes good quality compost. However, it is not commercially available and requires very frequent changing.

Fuel wood pellets
Although the technology to create them is similar, wood pellets for fuel and those for animal bedding are two completely different products. Do not use fuel pellets for bedding, as the tannin, resins and lignin can be harmful or fatal to animals. Fuel wood pellets can also contain dangerous aromatic hydrocarbons, which can cause hives and respiratory irritation or coughing in horses.

EZ Equine pelletized equine bedding is simply the next generation in horse bedding. It is an excellent alternative to traditional products for many reasons. By using EZ Equine as your primary animal bedding, it is simple to implement an effective manure management strategy.

EZ Equine Benefits
  • 100% PURE AND NATURAL: EZ Equine horse bedding is made from 100% biodegradable pine. It does not contain additives, binders or chemicals whatsoever and is pure, biodegradable softwood. No harmful bark or hardwoods are present, which creates a consistent, high quality product.
  • CLEANER, DRIER STALLS: Using EZ Equine pine bedding is like introducing thousands of tiny, absorbent sponges into your stalls. Each pellet can absorb almost four times its weight in liquid. 
  • ELIMINATES ODOR: The kiln dried pine pellets bond with ammonia to destroy odors naturally by neutralizing on contact. This greatly reduces respiratory complaints and pesky insects. 
  • FEWER HEALTH RISKS: EZ Equine is a sterile, mold and bacteria free product. Because the processing removes natural wood oils, it also does away with contaminants, such as those in products containing hardwoods. EZ Equine is safe if ingested.
  • LESS DUST: EZ Equine bedding is fully screened and then aspirated to remove harmful dust particles, eliminating respiratory problems in animals.
  • COST EFFECTIVE: You add only one bag of pellets every 5-7 days and strip the stall after a several months. Removal costs will be dramatically reduced. Stall cleaning time will be cut in half.
  • LESS WASTEFUL: EZ Equine animal bedding is so absorbent that it is only necessary to spot-clean stalls for most of the life of the bedding. This means you only compost bedding that is completely used to its capacity, not bedding that could be used again.
  • DISPOSAL COSTS: With EZ Equine, removal volume may be reduced by up to 50%. This greatly reduces handling costs. Composting starts immediately because all tars and resins are removed during production, the resulting product is excellent. This high-quality compost can even produce income – organic gardeners can’t wait to get their hands on it.
  • MORE VALUE: While the initial cost of EZ Equine bedding may be higher, the costs here even out, because you will have to spend more on labor to deal with the higher volume of bedding pellets used with inferior products. In addition, EZ Equine begins composting immediately.
  • TIME SAVING: With EZ Equine, once a stall is prepared it only takes about five minutes to maintain it per day. Because a complete stripping is necessary less often, you save time, and also money. 
  • STORAGE: EZ Equine is available in easily handled forty-pound bags. Because each pellet expands to three to four times its original size, the bags occupy far less space than bales or truckloads of shavings or barns of straw. The bags come on a pallet with a pallet cover for secure outdoor storage.