EZ Equine Animal Bedding Absorption Demo

As you can see from this time-lapse slide show, the absorption capacity of EZ Equine pelletized bedding is unbelievably efficient. Using EZ Equine animal bedding is like introducing thousands of tiny, absorbent sponges into your stalls. Each pellet can absorb almost four times its weight in liquid. This results in so many benefits for the horse owner:

  • EZ Equine is so absorbent that it is only necessary to spot-clean stalls for most of the life of the bedding. This means you only compost bedding that it completely used to its capacity, not bedding that could be used again.
  • With EZ Equine, once a stall is prepared, it only takes about five minutes to maintain it per day. Because a complete stripping is necessary less often, you save time and money.
  • With EZ Equine pine bedding, removal volume may be reduced by up to 50%. This greatly reduces handling costs and the resulting compost is some of the most sought-after available. This high-quality compost can even produce income – organic gardeners can’t wait to get their plants in it.
  • EZ Equine’s kiln dried pine pellets bond with ammonia to neutralize it on contact. This greatly reduces respiratory complaints and pesky insects like flies. It also eliminates potential health hazards associated with bacteria.
  • The used EZ Equine bedding can be turned into an incredibly rich and high-quality compost that can be sold, in turn, for income. Waste is virtually eliminated.