EZ Equine Animal Bedding Environmental benefits

With EZ Equine absorbent horse bedding, the volume of waste material is about 50 - 60% less than any other type of animal bedding. Less waste results in less disposal volume and fewer labor hours to move it around. Though your waste pile grows about half as fast, what it is made up of is pure gold in the eyes of organic gardeners, who will clamor to get their hands on this green, recycled product.

As any gardener can tell you, the quality of what goes into compost pile determines the quality of the fertilizing compost that comes out. In the case of old-fashioned shavings, the lignin in the wood chips does not break down readily and you essentially get nothing better than mulch. The decomposition time is also long and doesn’t result in anything but “shavings in, shavings out.”

Of course, horse manure alone makes excellent compost, increases soil health and moisture holding capacity and even stimulates plant growth. However, horse manure mixed with used EZ Equine pellet bedding is even better: the carbon-to-nitrogen ratio and the moisture content of the waste material result in an excellent, high quality compost product that feeds plants naturally, exactly where you spread it. EZ Equine is a highly marketable, green, recycled product that is good for the environment. By turning the used EZ Equine into compost, you can actually benefit from your animals’ waste!

Plus, EZ Equine is made from wood by-products, which means no trees are ever cut to make this revolutionary green bedding. Our pelletized bedding uses wood that was once dumped in landfills or burned, thus eliminating it from the waste cycle.