EZ Equine Instructions

Starting with a completely stripped stall:

Clean out the stall down to the floor (dirt, wood, concrete or rubber mats). Using an example of a twelve by twelve stall, place the contents of about five to seven forty pound bags of EZ Equine pine bedding in the center of the stall. Then spread pellets evenly to a depth of about two inches. You can also concentrate on an area where the horse prefers to eliminate. Depending on the stall, climate, horse’s habits, and personal experience working with EZ Equine, you will soon be able to estimate how many bags you will need.

Lightly moisten the animal bedding pellets with water, using a fine mist. This will cause the pellets to fluff up. At a microscopic level, the water breaks down the ultra thin resin sheen on the sides of the pellet. Depending on the humidity of your area, and the season and weather, the amount of water you use will vary.

For deeper bedding, just add one or two more bags on top and moisten with water. Keep in mind that deeper bedding is not always better, so experiment to optimize EZ Equine horse bedding use. Less is generally more with EZ Equine because it is so exceptionally absorbent.

It will take about twenty minutes after you add water for the EZ Equine pelletized bedding to expand to three or four times the original depth. It will quickly become much softer in texture and lighter in color. Over the course of the first week, it will continue to expand slightly.

For maintenance without complete stripping:

Use a manure fork that allows the clean pellets to fall away while retaining feces and soiled pellets that have clumped together. Remove urine-soaked EZ Equine animal bedding entirely, leaving only dry or slightly moist bedding. You will find that you remove very little total EZ Equine because the solid manure separates so easily from the fine wood fibers. Other brands may suggest scattering the urine-saturated bedding, but we find this only leads to waste and inefficiency.

To compensate for the amount of manure and used equine bedding being taken out of the stall, add about a bag of new EZ Equine pellets per week. Scatter it evenly and do not add water. To significantly save on bedding and labor, many horse owners who use EZ Equine strip the stalls just once every several months, instead of weekly.

A note about cold weather: EZ Equine will not freeze, except possibly in very extreme conditions. If the weather is too cold to add water, you can just mix a new bag of pelletized bedding in with old bedding. Within a day or two, urine, other moisture and hoof action will have softened the pellets.